The 26.2 Foundation established the International Marathon Center as a destination for anyone interested in long-distance running and fitness. It will have a museum featuring interactive, educational exhibits related to the sport of marathoning, but that is only the beginning. The center will also serve as a place where children can get hands-on instruction about nutrition, exercise, and human physiology. Additionally, there will be a variety of meeting spaces available for use by business, academic, private and community groups.

The center will present the development of a much-needed network to link the directors and organizations that put on more than 3,000 marathons around the world each year. It will become a central clearinghouse of information related to race logistics and best practices of marathons. These efforts will strengthen ties between Greece, the United States and other governments – local, regional and national.

The International Marathon Center will be a place to honor the sport’s storied past, celebrate its present, and inspire and educate the marathoners of the future.  Once completed, it will stand as a proud monument honoring the strong human spirit that enables a human being to run for 26 miles and 385 yards.