With the marathon enjoying unprecedented popularity, both in participation and spectatorship, the time has come to create a central headquarters for the sport in Hopkinton, Massachusetts located 26.2 miles west of Boston. 

While many towns have the ability to support this complex, Hopkinton was selected for it is the starting point of the world famous Boston Marathon. The building site is one of the highest points in the area, which has the potential for a view of the finish line. Boston area tourists and visitors enjoy an excellent profile and this site is easily accessible by the way of road, rail and airports.

This Boston suburb enjoys a reputation as a friend to long-distance running and to athletes from all over the world. Grecians visit in April each year to participate in the marathon and enjoy American culture with host families.

Elementary Education
  • Ancient Greece is a mandated course of study in Massachusetts’ schools and the center will be an attraction for academic field trips. Hopkinton is a central location in terms of population for students to enjoy the extensive educational offerings.
  • The complex will be built on 700 acres adjacent to the starting line of the Boston Marathon on Legacy Farms Road off of route 85. At its completion, the International Marathon Center will include an auditorium, educational exhibits, administrative offices, dramatic water and landscape vistas, a variety of meeting spaces and running facilities.
Economic Development
  • Economic development is fundamental for this groundbreaking project. The MetroWest Tourism Bureau was implemented to support local attractions, of which the International Marathon Center will be a focus. If you wish to become involved in this project, contact the 26.2 Foundation for more information.