Demographics & Trends

Demographics & Trends

U.S. Runner Demographics

  • Six in ten runners are female
  • Half are ages 35 to 54
  • Half have an income of at least $100K
  • Staying healthy is their number one goal in 2020 and a top reason for running
  • About four in ten runners have a race-related goal, including running a half-marathon or marathon, setting a personal record, and/or running a new race
  • They have been running for an average of 14 years
  • Half run at least 4 days a week; they average 22 miles a week
  • Six in ten runners belong to a running group of some kind

Source: Running USA 2020 National Runner Survey

U.S. and International Road Race Trends

  • The half-marathon continues to be the favored running distance
  • The 5K has highest level of participation
  • U.S. runners expect to run in an average of 11 events in the next 12 months
  • The number of people registering for U.S. road races in 2018 totaled 18.1 million
  • The majority of runners of U.S. road races in 2018 continued to be women, who typically make up 60 percent of the national road race field
  • In 2018, nearly 1.3 million runners around the world finished a marathon - a 49.4% increase over 10 years (2008 - 2018); in North America, the increase in marathon running was 20.9% over the same period (2008-2018)

Sources: Running USA 2020 National Runner Survey and Marathon Statistics 2019 Worldwide / Jens Jakob Andersen

Resident Market Demographics

  • With a population of over 296,000, the 13 communities that comprise the Greater MetroWest (GMW) region of Massachusetts host a well-educated and highly skilled labor force with high incomes when compared to the state and the nation
  • In 2017, the average annual salary in Greater MetroWest was $76.800
  • 58.3% of the population holds a bachelor's degree or higher

Sources: 495 Partnership and Metro-West Economic Research Center