Site Development

Site Development


The Facility

The International Marathon Center will feature:

  • Museum
  • Hall of Fame
  • Conference and Education Center
  • Classrooms and Research Space
  • Events Venue
  • Achival Storage
  • Administration



The Grand Hallway

Hall of Inspiration

Exhibit Hall

A Place for Reflection and Contemplation

Why Hopkinton, Massachusetts?

  • Hopkinton is the starting point for the Boston Marathon
  • Hopkinton is located at the heart of substantial and thriving residential and tourist markets
  • Hopkinton's sports legends include inductees (George & Walter Brown) to the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto, Canada as well as the US Hockey Hall of Fame
  • Hopkinton is an active community with strong natural attributes including: trail systems, state parks, lakes and recreation space
  • Hopkinton has an ever expanding marathon footprint that reaches beyond hosting the start of the Boston Marathon
  • Ancient Greece is a mandated course of study in Massachusetts public schools
  • Hopkinton enjoys a sister-city relationship with Marathon, Greece
  • Hopkinton recently adopted a vision of the town that corresponds with the vision for the IMC - it reads:

"Hopkinton is a vibrant welcoming community centrally located in New England and nestled 26.2 miles west of Boston. We are endowed with open space and natural resources, facilities, and programs that promote a well-educated and healthy community. We are respectful of our past, engaged in our present, and actively preparing for the future."