The 26.2 Foundation has joined with HCAM-TV of Hopkinton in order to cover, generate and gather many of the fantastic marathon stories that originate in and around the town.

Our first initiative is the writing of independent reporter Michelle Murdock, who has covered marathon activities in Hopkinton with her feature series, ‘Hopkinton's Marathon Footprint.’ The reprinted series is now available here.

The Boston Marathon touches all aspects of life in Hopkinton – from the establishment of the start line in Hopkinton in 1924 and Hopkinton’s connection to the Boston Athletic Association; to the creation of the Hopkinton Marathon Committee in 1980; to Hopkinton’s sister-city relationship with Marathon, Greece; and the local presence of the Marathon Flame. Each year, in connection with the Scholars and Stars Program sponsored by John Hancock, it brings excitement to the students at Elmwood School; inspires creativity in artists, both near and far; challenges runners; contributes to charities; and creates memories that will be forever cherished.

“These stories prove that Hopkinton stands alone in the marathon world,” says 26.2 Foundation President Tim Kilduff. “No other community that hosts the start of a major marathon exhibits its support, love and respect for the sport of marathoning like Hopkinton does, has, and will continue to do.”