Why an International Marathon Center?

  • Preserve and advance the importance and contributions of the marathon
  • Advance the ideals of sportsmanship, competition, fair play, and the power of the human spirit
  • Increase awareness of the connection between democracy, the Battle of the Marathon, and the marathon run
  • Strengthen local, regional, and international ties between marathon host communities and countries
  • Encourage interest and marathon participation as well as other endurance sports
  • Offer opportunities to discover and learn how nutrition, fitness, and exercise contribute to a healthy lifestyle
  • Create a center for gathering and sharing best marathon and lifestyle practices
  • Explore the socio-economic benefits of the marathon and other endurance sports
  • Honor the achievements of those who have provided leadership in developing, promoting and advancing marathoning
  • Provide a location for the display and storage of archival material

The Big Picture


International Marathon Center


Regional Map